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Introvert Whisperer Friday Funnies

ATTENTION! Policy announcement all employees

It has recently come to the attention of management that a few employees have been dying at their desk and failing to give notice.   Failure to give notice of any impact to your schedule will lead to further disciplinary action up to and including:   Loss of employee gym privileges.  Other employees are complaining…

Introvert Whisperer Friday Funnies

The 10 Most Terrifying Jobs in the World-Friday Funnies

**Our friends over at CoburgBanks have an outstanding “Friday Funnies” page that we’ve received permission to repost. Please enjoy, and please check out CoburgBanks, and their website. Do you believe in ghosts? In honour of All Hallows’ Eve this Saturday, we’ve got a special Spooktacular just for you… We’ve found the top 10 most terrifying, creepy and disturbing…

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