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Are You Venting “Appropriately” at Work?

I’ve just had a highly frustrating experience using an online tool that isn’t what I would say is “user-friendly”.  I had to get on the phone with customer support, drill down on an obscure page and find some tiny little light grey print.  That little print was in direct contradiction to the top page but…

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The Boss Can Make or Break Your Job

I had lunch with a friend and I was asking about her son who I had helped a bit with career coaching. She was saying he loved his job and especially had a great boss. She told me some of the things this boss had said and done. Clearly, this boss was a good leader….

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Push Over on Employee Performance Issues?

If you have been anointed manager, you surely must know that there are things you are responsible for that you’d rather not do. The highest priority item on that list of tough things to do is dealing with an employee who is a continuous performance problem. It not only impacts business but when management simply…

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6 Ways To Navigate an Open Office As An Introvert

If you’re an introvert, operating in an open office is probably more exhausting than the work itself. While open offices have valid reasons for redesigning the workspace, such as reducing the real estate footprint and facilitating collaboration, many introverts wonder what kind of sadist concocted the layout, gleefully corralling his employees into a single room…

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5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Speak Your Mind At Work

We all have opinions. All kinds of opinions on all kinds of topics. Expressing them, discussing them and sharing them is part of the fun of being human; our differing thoughts and varying ideologies help us grow and develop as people. Opinions are wonderful things. At work, opinions are terrifying. At work, a controversial opinion…

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