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8 ways introverts can trigger career success, without having to become an extrovert - Introvert Whisperer

8 ways introverts can trigger career success, without having to become an extrovert.

The typical description of someone that is successful is that they are bold, confident and loud. Their voice is heard and they get listened to. It’s something that isn’t often associated with introverts and to be honest, it is actually a misconception that people have. Being successful in your career depends on how you demonstrate…

Your Personal Brand The Little Things Matter - Introvert Whisperer

Your Personal Brand: The Little Things Matter

Your personal brand is the value and experience others have of you based on your consistent behavior.  That personal brand can be a favorable one or negative one, depending on what your behavior is.  Your personal brand shapes your success both professionally as well as personally so it’s important to give it some thought.  …

5 Power User Email Tips to Help You Avoid the Phone - Introvert Whisperer

5 Power User Email Tips to Help You Avoid the Phone

Business phone calls are unpleasant for many people. Some millennials refuse to even check their voicemail and for those who are shy, anxious, or introverted the idea of a business call is reminiscent of a root canal. Email provides a more comfortable platform for introverts, and when used well can help you delay or eliminate…

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Is It Possible To Repair Your Reputation at Work?

There may come a time in your career when you damage your reputation or personal brand to the point it’s stuck to you like gum on your shoe.  Maybe whatever you did wasn’t bad enough to warrant being terminated on the spot (although maybe you should have been,) but you are now living through the…

Sales - Introvert Whisperer

Why Some of the Very Best Sales People are Introverts

Despite the common perception that salespeople have to be outgoing and extroverted in order to perform their jobs effectively, this does not hold true for many sales positions. While it is definitely true that the great majority of sales positions require extroverts and all things being equal an extrovert is usually the more suitable person…

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Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Labeled?

I was having an interesting conversation with a new friend yesterday and I was telling her about my dislike in being labeled. I’ve long had an aversion at being called “Mrs.” or even “Ms.” but the aversion extends far beyond just those titles. I simply don’t like to be categorized. People do like to categorize…

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