Working & Studying Together – Can It Be Done? - Introvert Whisperer

Working & Studying Together – Can It Be Done?

Having to multitask has become a part of nearly everyone’s daily life. For professionals, they often have to increase their education requirements, and this can mean going back to college. Working 9-5 simply isn’t enough and many working professionals will do a course to increase their skillset and employability. This can make it extremely difficult…

3 Big Challenges and What You Should Do - Introvert Whisperer

3 Big Challenges and What You Should Do

We constantly face challenges in our life.  There are 3 big challenges I think we face almost daily. I’d like to offer up my thoughts on things to do or consider with those challenges.   Here are the challenges: Making hard decisions Staying focused on your goals when life intervenes Finding balance (yes, it’s there…

Protecting Your Good Ideas - Introvert Whisperer

Protecting Your Good Ideas

In a lot of ways, our ideas are like bringing a child into the world.  Our ideas are important and sacred to us.  We are attached to them and proud of them.  We want to breathe life into them and have them treated with sensitivity and respect.  We also want to be acknowledged for their…

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What do you do when you’re mentally depleted?

I am at a point where I’ve got a number of things either completed or launched and in someone else’s hands.  I’ve feel oddly unclear what the next thing is that I should do.  My “busy-ness” is in a slow down and that just doesn’t feel right.     Ever get that way?    …

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How to handle feeling invisible

Feeling invisible is one reoccurring issue introverts all over have to deal with. It’s certainly not a good feeling, and sometimes it really does prevent us from realising our true potential. Sounds a bit like you? Let’s read on, and check out some ways to go about it…   The one question Right off the…

Introvert Whisperer-Confrontation & Performance

Push Over on Employee Performance Issues?

If you have been anointed manager, you surely must know that there are things you are responsible for that you’d rather not do. The highest priority item on that list of tough things to do is dealing with an employee who is a continuous performance problem. It not only impacts business but when management simply…

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