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10 things To Do for Self-improvement

Self-improvement is never an accident and never occurs that way but it is the consequence of a deliberate action plan undertaken. It is imperative to understand from the onset that the reason most people stop growing is because they make the choice not to grow and thereby putting their quest for personal growth and self-improvement…

Have you set goals or resolutions this new year? - Introvert Whisperer

Have you set goals or resolutions this new year?

Well, here it is—the beginning of a new year. I’m not a goals or resolution cynic as some people are. However, I don’t think you have to wait until the end of or beginning of the year to make them but if that’s not you, then use this level of consciousness to work on a…

New Boss? New Career Opportunities - Introvert Whisperer

New Boss? New Career Opportunities

The one thing you can count on in business is nothing ever stays the same. That goes for the boss, too. Bosses come and they go even when your job remains in place. In some businesses, they come and go so fast they feel like a hit and run. While it would be nice to…

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Learning to Assert Your Opinions Is a Vital Skill

Do you find it difficult to assert your opinions, thoughts or direction difficult? Do you go so far as avoiding it? If you do, you aren’t alone. The good news is that you can learn to assert yourself without the cringe or becoming a jerk in the process.   I know asserting myself was especially…

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My Own Story of Change: What You Can Learn from It

When I launched Introvert Whisperer, I was unclear what to do with my previous website.  Because I wasn’t clear, I kept it going and continued to post content to it.   I decided to “end-of-life” the website, thus closing that chapter in my life.   Because my roots are in change, I have to use…

Introvert’s Guide to Career Success - Introvert Whisperer

Introvert’s Guide to Career Success

In the perfect world career success would be logical. Raises, promotions, and job interviews would be based entirely on intellect and experience. Alas, we are humans and not Star Trek’s vulcans. As humans, career success is more often than not a combination of hard facts, personality, and networking.   As introverts, it can be tempting to…

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