The Most Challenging Jobs in the US

The Most Challenging Jobs In The US - Introvert Whisperer

Who doesn’t want to have a great job?  We work so hard for our money and there is a lot we can do to make that experience as painless as possible. Unfortunately, studies show that most people aren’t satisfied with their jobs. Sometimes this is a temporary circumstance we have to endure on our way to doing what we love. Other times it’s a reality we have to live with because there aren’t a lot of other options. Either way, there is still an opportunity to make the most of a potentially hard situation.


Of course, you want to seek out the best job that you can obtain. What’s best for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences but whatever those preferences are being stuck in a job you hate can affect so much of your life including putting added stress on your family and negatively affecting your overall mental health. To help avoid some of this stress we put together this infographic to show you the most challenging jobs in the US.


If you’re looking for a job this will help you know which jobs to run from like the plaque. Even in a terrible job market having an actual idea of what jobs to only considered as an absolute last resort can come in very handy.


Whether you’re trying to figure out what your dream job is or brainstorming about potential next opportunities, knowing which jobs to avoid is as useful as knowing which jobs to go after. This infographic serves as a constant reminder of the jobs that will challenge you the most.



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