If You Don’t Like Your Job Situation, Change One Thing Today

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What gives you a deep sense of satisfaction in your career? Is it hitting milestones on a project? Seeing someone else succeed because of your efforts and impact?


Our ability to feel successful comes from regularly having a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It’s knowing that what you do makes a difference. It’s growing and learning as a person and as a professional.


If you check in with yourself on these questions and you find that you are less than satisfied, then it’s important to start figuring out what needs to change. It may not be finding a new job. It could be changing something that you do or how you do it. It could be as simple as enrolling in a class to help you improve how you do your job – or buying a book.


We are interesting creatures. Statistically, we find changing our relationships (divorcing) easier than changing our job or how we approach it. I’ve never figured this out. I say that because when you look at the data from studies, our divorce rate is higher than voluntary termination (meaning we leave a job voluntarily). And that is in spite of the data also showing that between 60-70% of all workers are not satisfied with their job.


You’d think if we aren’t happy, we’d leave but we don’t.


I’m not advocating that anyone resign but I am saying there are things you can do to greatly improve how you feel about your job right now. You have to figure out what that is.


A good place to start is by listing all the things that aren’t working for you right now. From there, create an improvement action plan with specific steps you will take to improve the various issues on your list. You may have things listed that you think you have no control over like the boss or a troublesome peer but that’s not true. You can change how you work with them, or how you communicate. Sometimes all it takes is changing one simple thing to make a huge difference.


Most of all, I want you to like your work and I know it’s possible.


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