Do You Change your Pace Often Enough?

Do You Change your Pace Often Enough? - Introvert Whisperer

Change of pace is an important aspect of our functioning in work and life.  More than anything else, when you change the pace of how you work or manage your life, it perks up your focus.  You can start looking at your work in a new way, often sparking new and creative ideas or approaches.


Changing how you do things can re-energize you as well.  It’s like running a race or taking a hike.  It’s good to stop periodically to catch your breath, sip water and assess your progress.


It’s in those moments when we pause that we allow ourselves to plan our next steps and the path ahead.  While on the surface it may seem like we have stopped work and aren’t productive, in fact, it’s some of the most important time we spend.  We can all use new, creative approaches to our work or solving a problem and certainly we need the energy to keep moving forward.  That will only happen by taking a break or changing your pace.



I leave you with this trivia:



Did you know vacations, weekends and retirement are all inventions of this past century??  In other words, time off of work hasn’t always existed?  It only evolved as a result of manufacturing and people leaving farming as a means of making a living.  Farmers can’t reasonably stop tending animals or crops for a vacation (at least not without doing loads of planning for who picks up the work while they’re gone).


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