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Career Growth... Accelerated

Here's what we'll cover in this unique coaching package: 

Career Foundations

  • Discover, uncover and expand a unique vision for your career

  • Create a strategic plan that inspires and excites you

  • Design action steps that will deliver solid results

  • Develop social frameworks that you’ll be able to use throughout your career


Body Language

  • Become more conscious of your body language to achieve more success as a leader and negotiator

  • Gain the skills to express more authentically your personality and full potential.

  • Learn how to see what others feel or think, just by watching the non-verbal signs they cannot hide from you.


Authentic Self Promotion

  • Uncover and develop your personal brand

  • Learn when and how to reinforce your brand

  • Execute communication strategies to be used as role models to others

  • Identify your personal style and those of others to maximize your effectiveness


Growth & Leadership Strategies

  • Learn how to inspire others to follow you (and rightfully so!)

  • Create a listening program so you are “the” innovation leader

  • Develop a work strategy that will get you noticed and promoted


Positive Office Politics

  • Learn to “read” the system

  • Identify moves you need to take before you need them

  • Develop personal power and influence


Introvert Adaptation Strategies

  • Learn how to adapt to extroverted environments, especially if the U.S. is your adopted country

  • Create a competitive advantage by knowing how to shift styles


Change Management

  • Discover the various forms of change conditions to transform any project from good to fantastic

  • Develop structures to ensure that any change you want to make – works


New Job Integration

  • Know the vital steps to ensure you make the right impression and impact in your first 90 days

  • Draft a 30-60-90 day comprehensive plan for early wins, building alliances and getting started on the right path – especially if you're in or headed into management


Internal Navigation & Effective Relationship Strategies

  • Analyzing your business culture to move, engage and inspire others at work

  • Create strategic partnerships and networks that will support and expand your career

  • Develop key mentoring opportunities up and down the organization -- which will support your growth and position you

Your Coach is Your Guide

When you choose me, you’re choosing a knowledgeable guide to come alongside you and work with you, one-on-one. We’ll identify and tackle each of your roadblocks in an effective, positive manner. You’ll come away from our time together with a plan to get to the next level, and the skills to handle anything that comes your way. Internal politics, difficult managers, reluctant coworkers… you’ll be equipped to handle it all with confidence.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"With the tools you shared, I feel like I can go at this much more naturally now."
"Dorothy listened to my situation with professional insight and helped me to understand that I could overcome the barriers and achieve my vision. Today I am living the dream. 
"Your lessons made me realize that I am not alone and in fact, there are useful tips available for me to improve professionally and personally."

Here's Exactly What You'll Get with the Career Acceleration Coaching Program

  • Initial 2-hour coaching session, during which you'll work through my exclusive Visioning and Life Purpose exercise, and establish your goals
  • Two more 1-hour sessions per month, established on a schedule that works for you AND is customized to meet your specific needs
  • Resources and reading materials I've carefully curated, 
  • Recordings of our sessions together so you can continue your work at your own pace, unlimited access to me via email, and impromptu calls as needed
  • Complete access to all Quiet Power University programming
  • Everything you need to take charge of your career and make it exactly what you want it to be... confidently, authentically, and -- most of all -- successfully

Ready to Get to Work Like Never Before?

I look forward to personally guiding you to the career of your dreams.


Dorothy Tannahill-Moran