You are in control of your Attitude

You are in control of your Attitude - Introvert Whisperer

I want to make it about your ability to choose your general outlook on things that come your way in life or at work.  While there may be something that comes your way that makes you stressed or unhappy at first, you can choose to let that linger with you or you can choose how you want to feel.


Some people think that whatever way they feel about something is not in their control but that’s not really the case.  We have gotten used to reacting to our situations, especially negative ones, and simply live with it.  It’s a paradigm or belief that you have no control but you are in complete control and probably very few people have shared that insight.  It’s important to know this fact.


If this sounds like you and you are now wondering how do you “turn off” your brain or “switch it”, you do have some work to do to retrain yourself but it’s painless and will take some time.  Let me give you an example:


If someone doesn’t speak to you on the way into work in the morning, you can choose to take it personally and let it hurt your feelings or you can choose to think this person has something on their mind.  See?  It’s your choice on how to view a situation that could be negative.


Here’s your quick brain “re-train:

  • Catch yourself in a negative reaction.
  • Ask yourself: “How do I choose to feel right now?” or “What is a different perspective I could take that would serve me better right now?”
  • Repeat until you have a new habit.


So, choose to live a life you prefer.


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