You have more control over getting promoted than you realize

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The thing that distinguishes an adult for a non-adult is acquiring control over the decisions you get to make.

As an adult, you get to decide how late you stay up and whether or not you will eat a pint of ice cream for dinner. It’s an awesome feeling to be in control.

The thing is, as an adult you also begin to learn where the limits are to your control. You can’t control others as an example.

Control becomes a balancing act.

For instance, you can’t control whether or not you get a job offer but you do have control over where you pursue a job and if you will accept an offer.

The same is true for managing your career and getting promotions.

Many people mistakenly believe that their career fate is in the hands of others. They believe a promotion is left to a back room dartboard system with their bull’s-eye rarely being hit.

In fact, you have much more control over getting a promotion than you may realize. If you want to call it influence, that works also.

Getting a promotion starts with asking the boss and decisions makers to provide you with their inputs on what you have to do to be a viable promotion candidate. Once you do that, you have the recipe. As long as you follow the recipe and seek out input on your progress, you are well on your way to your next promotion.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is. 

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