Coworking Survival Guide for Introverts

Coworking Survival Guide for Introverts - Introvert Whisperer

Much has been said about coworking spaces, the new alternative to traditional office spaces that bring together freelancers and regular but remote working employees under one roof. While most traditional offices and company facilities have codes of conduct for the workplace, a coworking space may not have as many rules written in stone, but it’s still important to be aware of common courtesies and pleasant interactions that can make life better for everyone there. This is especially important for those who may be transitioning from working at home to working around others in a new environment.


Starting Out With The Introvert Survival Guide

Many people who come to work at coworking spaces are introverts. Some people have the wrong idea about introverts as being antisocial or not wanting to have any conversations, but that isn’t always the case. In many cases, introverts do love to have conversations when they meet their interests, but they tend to be more picky about what they like to talk about. The great thing about coworking spaces is that since there are many people independently working, an introvert has a good chance to meet someone who’s doing similar work to what they’re doing. And if they’re lucky enough, they might have a chance to add a new employee, partner or client by getting to know that person.


Some Good Ways To Start Socializing

Some coworking spaces have different rooms that have different atmospheres as far as talking and quiet are concerned. People who have big projects that they need a quiet atmosphere to work in will use the quiet corners or library-like rooms in order to maximize their production and meet the deadlines. But for those who need a more collaborative environment or need areas with which to try and talk to others or find a welcoming group of workers, social rooms are a better place to start. Some introverts do well in a group if that group welcomes them in on their own, but they may not do so well if they have to initiate their own way into the group. If that’s the case, a good idea is for an introvert to try and find someone else who does most of their work alone and start talking with them.


Making The First Approach In A Shared Office Space

Often the first step for an introvert to have success in a coworking place making new contacts and friends is to engage the person in even trivial conversations, whether it’s having the same snack foods, using an app on the phone they both like, or just anything they find interesting that another person is doing. These connections might go somewhere, or they may not but by at least showing that they’re making a conscious effort to reach out, there’s a good chance an introvert will start making friends in a fairly quick manner. But a key rule in the introvert guide to socializing is for them to make the first move themselves because that’s the only way others will know they’re interested in talking to them.


A Guide For Introverts To Create A Positive And Productive Atmosphere

One of the best ways an introvert can make and keep friends is by exhibiting a courteous and mindful spirit in the workplace. Keeping things in mind such as using headphones when listening to music, having phone conversations in more private areas of the building and not cluttering up the work area beyond their allotted capacity are some good ways for introverts to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. When using shared equipment such as coffee makers, printers, or just kitchen areas in general, it’s good to clean up messes, refill equipment that was used, and make sure things are reset to the condition they were in when appropriate. And while usually there are designated areas for eating meals, if they have to be eaten while work is being done it’s good to make sure they aren’t messy and won’t cause a disturbance to others.


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