How to Create the Confidence to Get Your Dream Job


You’ve probably been there. You’ve seen a job you think you might really like, and then you read the job description. You realize you’re not qualified, you haven’t got the experience and you’re playing way out of your league.

So, what do you do?

Here’s What Most People Do

Most people resign themselves to the fact that they don’t fit the requirements and they lower their standards, looking instead for something that’s more achievable.

And if you’re pressured for time because you need to pay the bills, this is probably the best strategy.

But if you can then think long-term and set your sights higher and on something that really lights you up — that’s when you become inspired, dynamic and very attractive to employers.

Heck, if you start working on what I’m about to share with you, you’ll likely get snapped up for these other roles you’ll be using as a stopgap to get you back into the workplace.

Real Confidence Comes From Resolve

The way you’re actually going to land that dream job that seems out of your league right now is to have a long-term plan.

If there are boxes you still need to check to get to that interview, then you need to work on getting them checked.

The first step is to decide.

You need to decide that you want that specific role. You need to acknowledge that it’s a long-term game plan, and that it might take a few years to get to it. But then you need to start working on that plan right away.

In just doing this first step and deciding that’s what you’re going for, you’ll become a powerful force in the marketplace. Certainty, and having a goal to pull you forward, brings with it a certain allure. Employers won’t be able to resist your confidence.

Knowing what your long-term goal is means you’re not phazed by the individual interviews to get there. No one application, interview or job is that important, because they’re just stepping stones on the road to where you really want to be. You put yourself into a career-building mindset rather than a job-hunting mindset. Feel the difference?

Here’s the Plan to Get the Job You Actually Want

Step1: Decide what that dream job looks like.

Step 2: List out the qualifications and experience needed to slam-dunk the selection process.

Step 3: Check off the ones you have already.

Step 4: Acknowledge the ones you don’t have yet, and create a plan to go to work on them.

Step 5: Start working on that plan to get more of those boxes checked for your dream job.

This isn’t an instant fix to immediately get the job that you want, but it sure will make you more confident in everything you do going forward, because now you’re on purpose. You have a plan, a reason for stepping up and getting out there.

Over to You…

This is your career.

No one else can do it for you.

In fact, if you want to end up loving what you do day in and day out, you should want to take control of your direction.

You need to decide where you want to end up and then work the plan to get there.

Take a few moments now to daydream about what your ideal job looks like, and start the process laid out above to get there. Here’s to your success!

How would having a plan for your dream job change things for you?

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