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Does the phrase “business casual” fill you with confusion and dread?


Deciding what to wear for an interview or a day at work has become increasingly more complicated. As office environments continue to evolve and cultural standards of attire changes, the question of what to wear to work becomes more daunting. With the continued rise of creative work environments and trendy office spaces, what is acceptable to wear continues to blur.


Often, you no longer need to wear a suit to be considered a high level professional. Recently, many businesses have faced challenges when enforcing various dress codes resulting in a controversial press for attempting to enforce a dress code that is viewed as not only old fashioned but even discriminatory. Regardless, the age old saying, to dress for success is a reality. We all agree that our image weighs importantly with our professional perception of ourselves and others.


T.M Lewin, a dapper British heritage brand recently shared a useful guide on what to wear at work. Included are different categories; Business Formal, Business Professional, Business Casual, Small Business Casual and Creative. The tips provided are relevant and useful for professionals far and wide. Whether you’re beginning your professional journey, interviewing, or already a dedicated professional ask no more, what will I wear?


Always remember this information is subjective – be sure to check what your employer (or soon to be the employer) warrants as acceptable before you revamp your entire wardrobe. Take note of what others are wearing around the office and try to match your style seamlessly.

If you’re in need of a sharper and smarter style for your everyday workflow, T.M.Lewin has an unparalleled selection of men’s shirts, suits and timeless pieces for the ladies.


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