How to Detect a Wimpy Leader and Avoid Being One

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We all know the Wimpy Leader.  They talk a big line but when it comes to the tough stuff, they shrink and let others do the dirty work.  Or they simply avoid the tough stuff in the hope that the problem will go away.

As I have been known to say: “Hope, while good, is not a good business strategy.”  Most of the time problems remain and get worse.  If left to fester long enough, it teaches subordinates that they really don’t have to worry about doing a poor job or missing goals.  

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Not confronting problems when they crop up is not a Leadership trait.  Not confronting problems and solving them does not make you promote-able.  Anyone can do that.

Do you want that to be you?

I doubt it.

If you want to avoid being a Wimpy Leader and to set yourself up to be a great leader, you must build a skill for effective assertiveness and confrontation.  

You begin with the premise that you are there to solve a problem.  As with any problem/solution approach you focus on the result versus the expectation.  It’s possible that you and the other person weren’t on the same page.  No need to avoid understanding those kinds of issues.  In fact, you will learn how to improve going forward.

As you know when solving problems, there can be many things that contribute.  As long as you avoid making personal comments about others, your effectiveness in confrontation will be excellent and defensiveness will be kept low.  Now that you know, it’s not as bad as you were making it in your mind.

There is an entire technology for effective confrontation that is easy to learn and I’m devoted to teach it to you. Make yourself promote-able with skills other have no clue about.  

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