What determines success within a career?

What determines success within a career? - Introvert Whisperer

What ultimately defines career success? Despite the cliché rewards reaped of success, each individual will have their own idea of what success is and how to achieve it. Success is largely personal and what one person’s idea of success is will differ from another person’s. Success is measured through various different means such as spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, etc. and these can all interconnect and contribute towards your career success. Being profoundly efficient in any of these, satisfied with your life path, emotionally stable and happy, etc. can determine whether or not you become successful in your career. Research has found that career success is often affected by these factors, even good social and working relationships and simple happiness can determine whether or not you are able to move forward. Ultimately, you need to determine your own idea of what success means to you and move forward in that direction once you are aware of the ways in which you succeed.


Material and Financial Success


So how high does money rank on your scale of importance? Cash is often a big motivator when it comes to moving forward in your career and many are holding out for that pay rise or promotion that will leave them swimming in even more cash (unless it has to go straight back out to the tax man). Money often does make the world go around, especially in business, as well as being a form of power to those who enjoy having lots of it. A large chunk of society will view success as earning a large pay cheque that leads to financial security and the ability to purchase and bask in a luxurious lifestyle. Some may simply enjoy being promoted and having authority over others, climbing the company ladder and getting to the top, which can lead to even more corporate success – especially for all of those megalomaniacs lurking within your company.


Spiritual Success


For the more conscientious type, success may present itself in the form of knowledge and be experienced and wise in what you do. Being the center of knowledge can be extremely rewarding and earn a lot of respect in the workplace if you know what you are doing and you are the ‘go-to-guy’ – or gal. Being passionate about what you do is a reward in itself through being able to go to work every day, love your job and be able to learn more and more about the field you work in. High paid jobs that are soul destroying are not always worth it or bearable, even for a large amount of money. Being able to do a job you love for a minimal amount of money (or lots) can be a lot more satisfactory and better for your well-being too. Achieving the goals you set for yourself and surprising yourself through overcoming difficulties can be the biggest of achievements – achieving itself.


Emotional Success


Sometimes all it can take is to let a colleague know they are doing a good job and you appreciate what they are doing. When employees work hard, they should be recognized, praised and rewarded for their contribution towards team success as this is positive reinforcement that will encourage them to continue to work just as hard. It also makes them feel appreciated by their employer, puts them in a great mood and inspires them to progress. Employees also need to feel socially involved and happy in their job and this means successfully integrating into the team, hosting regular team building days or activities and keeping conflict to a minimum. If there is any conflict, it is important to solve this effectively in order for teammates to understand each other and different styles and approaches to work in the work environment. Employees need to have a good relationship with both their co-workers and their boss as well as with other departments and sections of the business. Negative working environments can be emotional vampires and will soon drive people away or end up making things worse.


Health Success


Health in the workplace is and should be a priority to most and encourages success in its own right. Health outside of work should be important enough but should be stressed, particularly in an office environment where everyone is sat down for most of the time. Staring at a screen and being idle for several hours of the day without taking breaks and stretching your legs – or exercising – can be extremely bad for you. You may risk developing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or risk straining your eyes. You may perhaps even have a high-risk job and your idea of success is remaining unharmed and healthy? Being healthy certainly does encourage success (and is a success within itself), keeping you fit, energetic and lively. The good thing about exercise is that it releases endorphins which increase positive brain activity, leading to a happier and more proactive workplace. Eating healthily along with exercise will also improve concentration and energy, giving you the necessary vitamins you need for a healthy body and brain.


Seeing as success appears in various different forms to different people, it is up to you to determine what it is that you would be proud to achieve and what you are prepared to do to get to that point in terms of your career.


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Isabella is a writer for DiSC, a company providing disc profile training for improving work productivity, teamwork, and communication. She shares tips for both employers and employees in working to the best of their ability together. Her specialist areas are motivation and team building.


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