Discrimination and Harassment Laws Across The United States Protect Workers

Discrimination and Harassment Laws Across The United States Protect Workers - Introvert Whisperer

An average person will spend over 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. This staggering amount of time will obviously impact your overall health and well-being so it should ideally be spent in a place you enjoy, or at the very least is not negatively impacting you. It should go without saying that no one should have to face harassment or discrimination at all, let alone in their place of employment, yet we know that is not always the case.


Discrimination comes in many different forms. Whether it is being passed over for a promotion because of a disability or being fired from a job after learning about a pregnancy, discrimination in the workplace is wrong and illegal. It is an unfortunate truth that it does exist in the workplace and firing, hiring, demoting, or promoting based on prejudices is illegal. In order to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring anti-discrimination laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Age Discrimination in Employment Act have been put in place to protect American workers but individuals should be aware of their own rights as well. See the infographics below to learn how you are protected by federal law at work and for more information visit TheDisabilityGuys.com.


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