Don’t Give Up on Others; Find a New Perspective

Don’t Give Up on Others; Find a New Perspective - Introvert Whisperer

When you look around you, you’ll notice that people are kind of fast at giving up on each other. When that happens, I think you need to step away and gain a different perspective for solving problems with other people.


We all have different personalities, quirks, and dysfunction but at the end of the day, I think we all want to do a good job and get along with others.  Yet, when we encounter someone who we don’t quickly “mesh” with, we tend to avoid them rather than figure out what would work.  We have to adapt to our situations and that means people.  Sometimes we have to confront matters with them in order to solve the problem.


Years ago a guy I worked with hurt my feelings and from that point forward, I avoided him and held a poor opinion of him.  In the following years, I continued to hear various people say the best things about him and how great he was.  I decided they were probably right and I had been missing out on knowing a good person.  I asked him to lunch, told him how he had hurt my feelings and that I was there to unburden myself from my negative feelings about him.  By confronting him and my own feelings that day, I made a close friend for years.  He was a great person to know and could have been his friend longer if I had not avoided him or the issue I had with him.


Don’t give up on others.  You may discover a gold nugget that will enhance your life.  Even if you don’t find gold, you will feel better if you find a better way of being with them that is positive.


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