How to ensure you wake up and want to go to work

How to ensure you wake up and want to go to work - Introvert Whisperer

Be honest – do you bounce out of bed on a work morning, hum a happy tune and skip to work? It might be exaggerated, but the sentiment is obvious – do you love going to work?

Some people quite like their job, enjoy what they do but don’t have a real swing of opinion either way as to whether they love it or hate it. They like it. It pays a decent salary, pays the bills and allows them to get on and do what they want in their non-work time.

For others, they dread it. There are all kinds of reasons why their job is no longer doing it for them. It could be workplace issues or it could be that they are bored and unchallenged by what they do, day after day, shift after shift. This is where NCC Home Learning comes in.

If it is time for a change, how about looking at a whole new career?

Study from home, carry on working, carry on paying the bills

Home learning gives the best of both worlds. You are working – yes, still in that job but you are working towards something new – which means you can still pay the bills. You can study when you can, when you feel you work best and you take it at a pace that suits you. From taking on a diploma course in Personal Training and Sports Coaching to Beautician Training, there are all manner of topics and careers that you can study for, from the comfort of your own home, on the train home, on the bus to work…


Why being happy at work is important

Your working life and career are more than just about paying the bills. Assuming that you work for around 50 years at full-time hours, you will spend 92,000 hours at work. Being happy is more than just about time whipping by…


Improved productivity 

Research has shown that people who are happy in their work tend to have spikes in productivity. If you are happier in your job, you will work longer, harder and more efficient too. You might recognize this in colleagues; people who go to work merely to pay the bills or to have something to do with their day tend to be less rambunctious about how they go about working.



Improved health

Fulfillment is not something that is discussed enough. Being happy means you feeling fulfilled. You haven’t settled for second best; you don’t feel stressed, and you are happy with your lot. Bring fulfilled in your work and life is a great feeling and one that not everyone will get to experience in life.


Improved creativity

When you are happy, you have the ability to become more creative. This doesn’t mean that as you start your new career you become Picasso, it means that you have the mental ability to be able to solve problems creatively, face challenges head on without becoming bogged down and so on. Obstacles are seen in a different light – rather than tripping over them in the dark and swearing, you now see them as a challenged to be faced, but ones that can be conquered.



Better pay

If you are employed, your natural enthusiasm for your job will stand you in good stead when it comes to promotion. Which employer would fail to promote someone who clearly loves working for them and what they do? People happy at work tend to enjoy a better salary.


Improved conditions

Not everyone is employed, finding that their dream job and career lies within their own hands. Instead of feeling hemmed in by the office and doing the bidding of another, you can work in improved conditions: your own. Many people who go on to complete home study courses will start their own business, as well as those in employment who will either seek promotion or a new career entirely.


Improved relationships

You may not be overtly unhappy at work but you will feel the stress more. Invariably, if you are stressed and unhappy, it will affect relationships. From how you interact with a loved one, to friendships and so on.



Are you unhappy at work?

Or should the question be, are you happy are work? Seeing as you spend so many hours there, isn’t it worth making these happy?

If you feel stuck or unhappy in your job, seek out a new career with home learning courses. Or, why not aim for promotion and aim for the next big thing?


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Author bio: The author of this text does not encourage people who experience stress at work to limit themselves with only these options. If a worker feels like the situation is more serious than he or she is capable to handle, a specialist should be contacted immediately.

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