Get Motivated by Taking on a Vital Role

Get Motivated by Taking on a Vital Role - Introvert Whisperer

Who doesn’t have problems in keeping his motivation at a constant level? Everyone’s experiencing it. Motivation can’t just stay the same for long periods of time.


Zig Ziglar addressed this problem quite well when he said: “Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.”


Motivation is a habit. It’s not something that comes and goes from time to time. Motivating yourself properly comes with practice. It’s just like with any other skill – Consistent practice leads to mastery.

Here are 8 insightful tips that should spark your motivation:


1. Find Your Motivators
After you have found what motivates you, try and keep those things around you as much as possible.


2. Strive for Smart Companionship
Start looking for people that are smarter and more motivated than you are. An entourage that is beneath you will never help you grow. Finding the right people to spend your time around with won’t be difficult if you are really looking. If you can’t find them in real life, there are a lot of groups on different topics that you can find online.


3. Never Stop Learning
Motivation and confidence grow along with knowledge. Build a habit of reading every day for at least 30 minutes.


4. Keep a Positive Attitude
You should always look for the good in the bad. This ability will be of much service when you will try to find solutions for different problems.


5. Don’t Think, ACT!
As already mentioned, motivation is all about exercising. If you are working on a project but your motivation is not how it used to be, look for something else to do. Even if that activity is trivial, it doesn’t matter – it’s still going to help you charge back your batteries and start again.


6. Keep Track of your Motivation’s Ups and Downs
There will be times when your motivation won’t be as potent as other times. Keep track of it, and at some point, it will become a pattern. After you become aware of the pattern, leverage it to develop yourself.


7. Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy
This tip is probably the most important. A constant balance between your body and mind is the best foundation for your motivation to thrive.


8. Share your Ideas with Your Friends
Writing and talking about your success will help you and others become more motivated. Getting feedback from your friends is another great way to improve yourself.


Once you start putting in practice these 8 powerful insights, the new you will start emerging, and your way thinking and living should change for the better.



Are you working with introverts and don’t know how to stimulate them? Here is a list of 5 ways in which you can motivate an introvert.


1. Don’t Rush Them
If you pressure them they won’t be able to work at their best performance. You should give them a deadline and let them work at their own pace.


2. Create A Special Place for Them 
An introvert will work much better if he had a place only for himself. So make sure that their working space is as far as possible from the other workers.


3. Give Them Tasks that Focus on Details 
Introverts stand out when they’re coming to evaluation and deliberate thinking. They have a good eye when they’re looking for errors. Therefore, give them responsibilities that require focus and attention to details.


4. When Speaking to them, be CLEAR
Introverts are calculated persons that wish to know in advance what they have to do in order be able to organize themselves. They love to structure their lives instead of letting everything flow. If they don’t take their time, it will be much harder for them to keep up with deadlines.


5. Give them Solitary Tasks
Offer them work that can be performed only through the use of their skills without having to depend on anybody else. This will make them more confident and it’ll improve their motivation levels


Recognizing what motivates your employees is crucial for your productivity as a company. Accepting that each of them is unique represents a big step forward for you and for your company.


In order to reap the benefits that come from their talents, you should nurture each and every one of them, and you should do it on a consistent basis.


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Tony Robbins


Jade Parker is a career coach and part-time contributor at Assignment Masters Service
She’s aim is to help 1 million people grow and develop.

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