Are you Guilty of Misunderstanding the Importance of Leadership Development to YOU?

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I have heard people equate Leadership with management or being in charge.  It’s understandable, as those things would be best done if leadership skills co-existed with those positions.  As we also know, those two things don’t always combine oftentimes with poor results.


Yet, Leadership abilities are skills that aren’t just for specific jobs.  Leadership skills or characteristics are important capabilities both in life endeavors as well as career.


Let’s look at the reasons that make Leadership skills important:

#1 – Rarity – Yes, despite the ability to develop and demonstrate Leadership traits, very few people do.  When something is rare, it’s also valuable to others.


#2 – It’s what everyone wants – Employers/business owners/managers are really eager to have people work for them that possess leadership skills.  It takes the burden off of them when someone will “step up” and take care of things without all the oversight.


#3- Situations require it – Most situations need leadership.  You need leadership in the family, neighborhood, and religious groups, hobby groups and certainly in the workplace.  The problem is, there isn’t enough of it in all of those places.


#4 – You get rewarded for it – When you get rewarded because of your leadership in your job, you get paid more.  Isn’t that important?


#5 – Life & work will go better – When good Leadership is present, the function and productivity of everyone go up.  You eliminate wasted time and effort.  Everyone will be more content and motivated.


Leadership skills have broad applications that many people don’t always recognize.  My hope is that this will perk you up or adjust your thinking that this may be the very thing you’ve been looking for to help you get the success you deserve.


I’d like to share more with you on Leadership in my upcoming webinar: “3 Things Leaders Do To Lead – and it’s Not What you Think” on October 21 at 1 pm central.  Sign up now to attend or get the replay right to your inbox!

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is the Introvert Whisperer, Career & Leadership, speaker and author.

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