How to Identify Stressors at Work and Learn How to Manage Them

How to Identify Stressors at Work and Learn How to Manage Them

Stress has increasingly become a part of work life of employees irrespective of their hierarchical position in a company. Whilst limited amount of stress can act as a motivator and create challenges to complete work within a specified time frame but excessive workplace stress can have devastating ramifications.


Did you know that about 47% of the workforce in the UK has the feeling that they are being overworked? High workloads often make employees stressed to a point where they end up staying at the office after work hours. It is sometimes important to complete a certain time-sensitive task on the day it was assigned but if an employee stays afterhours regularly, it is not healthy. Either it should be inspected if he is utilizing work hours wisely and efficiently or quantify his workload. Spending more time at work affects the personal and family relationships. Besides the responsibilities at work, almost all employees also have various duties that they need to perform before and after work for their family. Whilst work is an important part of life, it is very important to understand that it is a must to have a good balance between your life and work.


It is important to have a supportive positive environment at the office which does not encourage bullying, harassment, or blame culture. A mistake can be made by anyone whilst it is important to find the roots of the mistake and fixing the cause instead of blaming someone for it based on predetermined notions. A bad work culture does not allow employees to be expressive and find smarter and creative solutions.


Although it is normal for humans to feel stressed and in a controlled environment can help employees focus but the excess of it can be detrimental to the performance of an employee.Check out tips to stay stress-free at work by identifying stressors that trigger stress at work and learning how to manage it.


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