Intro to IG: “The Gender Wage Gap By Numbers”

Intro to IG- -The Gender Wage Gap By Numbers- Introvert Whisperer

While extroverts tend to make more than introverts in the workplace, the latter are in for a double whammy if they happen not only to be introverts but also to be women.


The reason for this is that there is a wage gap separating men and women — one where women end up on the short end of the proverbial stick for no rational reason.


Consider, for instance, that women actually earn $0.79 for every $1 that men earn, and statistics show that it will take 44 years — up until 2059 – for the gender wage gap to be fully eliminated.


While conventional wisdom might suggest that women who pursue higher education are probably less likely to encounter wage discrimination, the truth is that the gender wage gap doesn’t appear to be a respecter of academic achievement. For instance:


  • Women who are one year out of college earn 6% less than men
  • Women who earn MBA degrees make $4,600 less than their male peers in their first jobs


And while there are lots of benefits to being an introvert, women of this personality type need to be more assertive if they hope to get anything close to paying parity with men before 2059.


While 51% of women and 47% of men believe that discussions about wage and salary are discouraged, prohibited, and punishment worthy, the sexes handle things quite differently when it comes to getting job offers.


Specifically, 51.5% of men and a merely 12.5% of women ask for more money when receiving job offers, which shows that women are less likely than men to negotiate. And when women do ask for more money, they actually ask for 30% less than men do. This is probably a function of women being penalized for behavior that men are rewarded for.


What’s the long-term impact for women who do not bargain? Look below…


  • $750,000 to $2 million — the amount of money women could lose over the course of their careers if they fail to bargain


That’s the sort of sum that could be the difference between living well after retiring and living hand-to-mouth after retiring.

Google, the company whose name is now synonymous with web searches, has a solution for the madness that is the gender wage gap. The company says that it makes offers based on what a job is actually worth. Maybe women who want gender pay parity now rather than later need to seek out jobs that are very much in demand at companies that are forward thinking.


Yes, there is a gender wage gap that women have to contend with. The gap is shrinking — ever so slowly — but there are things women can do to get what they’re worth now rather than later. This includes negotiating shrewdly and sticking to their guns.


Remember that negotiating is a not a skill people are born with; it’s a skill that can be learned whether by introverts or extroverts.



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