How Introverts Can Shine in the Workplace Without Saying a Word

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For many years, I thought that my impact in the workplace would be tied to the frequency and speed of the creation of ideas that I presented to my colleagues. Trying to work under this radical idea as an introvert caused me a great deal of bouts with anxiety. I prefer to think before I speak and am focused on collecting evidence in order to present information in a clear and concise manner. I knew that overcoming these habits that have been the core of my existence wouldn’t happen overnight–and I didn’t want to risk receiving a bad performance review because of it. What’s worst is that I feared others would start to question my value if I didn’t adapt quickly enough.

Fortunately, the workplace is evolving and employers are looking at the unique skills that different personality types bring to the workforce. We’re realizing there’s more than one way to contribute in today’s shifting workplace; you don’t have to be a carbon copy of your extroverted colleagues in order to be recognized in the work place. Leveraging your natural strengths could be the key to making a big impact without making a lot of noise.

Being social or talkative is not a prerequisite to win in the workplace; you just have to be intentional about your nonverbal communication. Because when it comes to building trust and credibility in the workplace, it’s not what you say but what you repeatedly do that creates your professional reputation.

Although you do not need to change yourself in order to win in the workplace, you need to consider how your natural strengths can be the key to success that you are seeking. Here are six ways your non-verbal communication can help you to shine bright in the workplace:

  1. Send Powerful Emails.

How many emails do you receive during a work-day? Better yet, how many times a day do you have to respond to email messages or have to initiate email conversations where you have a chance to create a memorable digital footprint among people who have never seen you before? Your emails say a lot about you, and the thoughtful introvert knows how to make the most of this communication tool. Brevity is key. And with every email you send, the content has the ability to add to enhance, or diminish, your professional brand. Allow your emails to communicate how competent you are in the workplace. Managers and colleagues can gain a clear idea about an introverted leader’s knowledge, ideas, and strategies through their written messages.

  1. Document Critical Work Processes.

So many people spend so much time talking that they miss out on the value of documenting. And companies are losing millions of dollars and hours of valuable time because this task is not prioritized. Companies are audited on the transparency of their processes, procedures, and ability to create a back up plan if business operations were interrupted. Most companies fail miserably and are scrambling to get employees to document processes at the last minute. This increases the stress levels among employees and reduces productivity when everyone is trying to do this at the last minute. Introspective and intuitive introverts tend to be gifted writers who are willing to take the time to break down the most complex processes into instructions that a commoner can master. Capitalize on this, because there are few in the workplace who have the patience to document processes that new employees will value later.

  1. Create a Blog and Post Frequently.

Many people create a blog, but are not committed enough to maintain their blog. Their infrequent updates cause them to lose their audience because no one can predict the frequency of the updates. If you want your voice to be heard online and identify solutions to problems that others may be facing, create a blog around your area of expertise. It is important that you identify your niche and interests in order to be successful in the process. Once you have created 3-4 posts on your blog, expand your network and impact by becoming a guest contributor for other blogs in your industry or field of interest. Share your unique experiences, voices, and perspectives on as many blogs as you can find that align with your interests. As your blog grows and your audience expands, you may even be contacted by an industry expert who would love for you to share your views in other settings. Establish yourself as an industry expert in your chosen career path.

  1. Join Professional Organizations.

When people see professional organizations on your resume or intranet profile, they see that you are passionate about something else beyond the workplace. Other people may see this on your profile and want to find out more about the organization. You are essentially bringing people to you without you doing the extra work of self-promoting.

  1. Mesmerize Audiences with Your LinkedIn Profile.

People who don’t know you form an idea of your professional identity before they even hear you speak. That’s why you want to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn. Enhance your professional reputation by creating a LinkedIn account and remaining active; turn your profile from invisible to irresistible by adding a professional photo, a compelling headline, an intriguing summary, and experience that convey the value you add. Your profile should provide bait for questions that lead to additional opportunities in the workplace and beyond.

  1. Listen to Your Colleagues.

Since introverts are known to be great listeners, this can be a powerful skill used to empower employees who don’t feel like they have a voice in the workplace. Yes–you can support others while you are going through your workplace struggles. The best and most influential leaders are the ones who are willing to take time to listen to the needs of others in the workplace, build others up for higher levels of success, and help others understand the value that they bring to the organization. People will follow leaders who listen to them and validate the worthiness of their ideas.

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