Is Jobs Security Major Reason People prefer Government Jobs over Private Sector?

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Many people dream to start their career in a government department. Some of them even opt to work with less salary, but under one condition: government job. Why there’s craze for government jobs even when private sector offer fascinating pay and high-quality life?

There’re many things that make people choose government jobs over private industry. Some of them are less workload, handsome salary, numbers of holidays and the most important thing ‘job security’.

As government departments are not profit oriented, there’re almost negligible chances that a government employee will be terminated from his position. In additions, an individual whether he has performed well or not will get a salary hike every year. A private company’s employee isn’t entertained with such benefits. In private sector, an employee’s job security is based on his performance in the organization.

Government jobs are always considered as safer career options with job security. Once an employee has entered in a department, he will leave his position after retirement. Adding to that, when a government employee retires, he gets several benefits like pension. Story isn’t finished yet.

Government employees work under labor acts and laws, which protect them. As per these laws, they’re a fixed percentage of employees that a department has to hire every year. Apart from that, workers in the same position for a fixed time have to be given promotion.

In private industries, an employee has to work hard to get promotion and salary increment. Even if a private employee is providing satisfactory results, it’s not sure that the employee will get a hike in his salary. In additions, if a company is having tough time, it may layoffs some of its employees. Such things never happen in government sector.

It doesn’t matter whether a government department is going through a slump or having a very good time, its employee will be given all the facilities that they are promised to be given.

Government employees are never asked to try different duties. They are assigned some duties and they have to complete them every day. The most interesting thing is that they don’t have any target or a deadline to finish a task. If even they do not succeed in fulfilling their duties one day, they don’t go through any scrutiny. Government employees know their jobs are secure, so they can work according to their convenience.

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