Don’t Do This Just Because It’s The End of the Year!

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It’s November and the year has flown by. 

I hope you got out to vote early if you live in the US.  I did and it took 10 minutes but I do think the time is getting longer as we get closer to Election Day.  It’s been a crazy political season and I’ll be glad when it’s over.

This is the time of year when a lot of people put things like their career and health on the back burner with the idea of using the New Year to restart and focus.  I completely understand.  With this time of year, our thoughts turn to holiday gatherings, gift giving, travel and tons of great food.

If that sounds like you to any degree, I’d like to issue a challenge.  Instead of waiting for the first of the year to “shape things up” with your career: Start now and either be done by the first of the year – or at least well on your way.

You can easily use this coming week and weekend to sit down and figure out what your next couple of steps need is to get you where you want to be.

There are two weak spots with any endeavor:

  1. Starting – more people than you’d realize talk a good game but never take the first couple of steps to get started. My philosophy on starting is to start right now.  I think if you delay it can cause you to lose focus and get distracted by other things.  To quote a friend: “Do this before your head hits the pillow tonight.”
  2. Finishing – In the knitting world there is the term “U.F.O.” It is an Unfinished Object.  There’s actually an acronym for not finishing things you start.  Oftentimes, we do get started but we don’t finish for various reasons.  Maybe we lose our inspiration or something comes up.  My tip for finishing is to plan to get sidetracked and build in some accountability.  The best accountability plan is to have someone keep you accountable but if that doesn’t work for you try putting reminders on your computer.


Trust me, you’re not going to miss any meals or holiday pastries by taking the step of planning and the actions you have planned.


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