It’s Not Just a Job

Guilty Glasses

Are you guilty of saying (or believing) “It’s JUST a Job”?

If you’ve ever said to yourself or someone else “It’s JUST a Job,” you need to stop that right now.

Think about it for a minute.  What could possibly be wrong with saying something like that? A whole lot.

People who say that are trying to rationalize why they shouldn’t be unhappy with their job. Maybe they think they shouldn’t care or be so emotionally invested.

What we tell ourselves matters because we start believing it and operating from that point of view.

Here are the problems with this statement:

  • Your job or career is the largest consumer of your life. Other than sleeping, you spend the most time working. When a big chunk of your life isn’t working, you’re miserable.  You also can’t ignore it. Here’s the truth: you don’t have to spend a big portion of your life unhappy.
  • We are emotionally invested in our work, even if we like to think we aren’t. Our work is something we birth each time we finish a task or project. It comes from us and it’s innate to feel an emotional attachment to it. That’s where pride comes from — of course you care.
  • You’re avoiding making tough decisions. By telling yourself “it’s JUST a job,” you’re sidestepping the truth about your job and the control you have over your own happiness. Sure, changing jobs or resolving problems is hard work, but most good things don’t just drop in your lap.



Here’s What You Should Do Instead



  1. Stop saying or believing “it’s just a job,” because it’s much more than that.
  2. Take control of your happiness. Most workplace issues are people issues, even though some think its pay. And most people issues are the bosses. Figure out a couple of things you could do differently to interact with the boss and others. Take classes on conflict and confrontation.
  3. Change jobs. It happens every day. If you can’t improve your situation, then find a new job. There are a ton of job search resources available to you, so get on the Internet and find out what to do. (And pay attention to what you are told.)
  4. Learn to change. We change all the time from the day we’re born, but as we get older, we grow to fear change. You can make that reality different for you. If you can become change-ready, you will discover that change can be exciting and you won’t stay in a bad situation one day longer when things go bad.
  5. Find positive people. The biggest problem I see when someone is in this situation is they go find others who will reinforce their negative feelings. You need people who are positive, successful and will help you solve your problems. They may also see things differently than you, and sometimes all we need is a new perspective.

Your life and all of the things in it are too precious to spend it being unhappy.  Trying to pretend that your job doesn’t matter is time spent not doing something to move it toward your dream job.

How do you feel about the “it’s just a job” notion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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