Kitchen Wars (Or Not): How to Professionally and Respectfully Share the Office Kitchen

Office Kitchen

Having issues with the colleagues on the workplace is actually normal. When people with different characteristics spend so much time together every day in one or two rooms, things can become pretty intense. You don’t have to feel stressed about your trips to the office kitchen, though.

Coworkers ordinarily communicate most in the office kitchen, which leads to more conflicts and tension. It’s not necessary for things to go bad, though, especially because that makes work more tedious than it has to be. Take advantage of these tips to professionally and respectfully share the office kitchen with the other people at work.


1. Remember Your Manners

No one said you have to become best friends with the people from your office in order to be able to work in peace every day. It’s enough simply to follow basic etiquette, which will allow you to go through every day without any unpleasant problems or conflicts.


2. Share the Space

Always remember the fact that the kitchen is for everybody. When you’re not getting along with a colleague, there is nothing easier than starting a fight in this “less formal” work space. You have to accept the fact that the kitchen in your office is for everybody, and it’s still part of your office so you must learn to coexist — even with the colleagues you don’t like.


3. Keep It Clean

Maintain the place as cleanly as possible. The cleanness of the office kitchen is very important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Even when there is a maid or other professional cleaner who comes to clean it regularly, you have to avoid making a big mess because this is enough reason for significant tension to crop up with your colleagues.

Same goes for the messes of others — within reason, of course. It’s better to wipe up the coffee spill or throw away the piece of trash than to start drama over something very small.


4. Don’t Hog the Fridge

There is enough space in the fridge for everyone, but there might not be room for everything. (Like this thought? Tweet it!) The space in the refrigerator in the office kitchen is limited, and this could potentially create a conflict among the people in the office. Only store things in the fridge that you plan to eat immediately — and only put things in the fridge that really need to be kept cold.


5. Don’t Pick Fights

Don’t provoke your colleagues — and don’t respond to the bait they throw your way, either. The stressful environment of work can easily make you more susceptible to provocations, especially when you’re already dealing with some tension with a colleague who just happens to need a coffee refill at the same time you do. There is no need for more tension, so just try to ignore any provocations. This will save you a lot of troubles and the peace in your office will be preserved.


6. Leave It How You Found It

Leave the kitchen in the same state of order and cleanliness it was in when you walked in. Some people think that since they are not at home, they aren’t obliged to perform any kind of cleaning or organizing. The kitchen in your office needs as much cleaning and cares as the one in your home. The major cleaning and disinfection may still be the responsibility of the cleaning staff, but you simply must clean up after yourself for the sake of your coworkers. Don’t leave a mess and you won’t have any problems.

Do you have any other office kitchen survival tips? Share them in the comments!

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