Lead by Example – it’s More Powerful than you Might Realize


If you are a Leader or intend to be, you have to understand that almost as much as anything else, your actions do speak louder than words. The integrity between what you say and what you do becomes the unspoken yardstick by which others will judge whether or not they will follow you.

You see, the foundation of leadership is trust and without that, your only way of influencing and leading others will depend entirely on position and coercion.  Neither of those two things will ensure good results or any results.  When those around you can’t trust what you say, they are left second-guessing the right thing to do. It’s unproductive and as far away from inspiring as you can get. In fact, it’s dysfunctional.

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On the other hand, if you do “Walk your talk” it can really influence and inspire your co-workers and employees to go the extra mile and earn extreme loyalty in the process. Wouldn’t that be worth it? The leader who rolls up their sleeves, gets in the trenches and shows how it’s done helps train and also show people you’re seriously intent to accomplish a goal. Sure, you’re busy. We all are but would you rather invest in some time doing this than time explaining why work has to be redone or goals missed?

Another seriously good side effect this kind of behavior has is: promote-ability.  When executives and clients see you Leading by Example, it’s a potent acknowledgement of your abilities. You would be shocked at the few people working right now, who go the extra mile, or can influence others or take initiative. Standing out from the crowd is remarkably easy to attain and this is one way to do it.

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