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Hi!  Thanksgiving is past us and now we’re in the holiday season.  I love this time of year.  I love all the holiday music, the decorations and all the special food.


I’m in the process of launching the first chapter of a group called “Represent.US”.  It’s a cross partisan group that is aimed at passing laws at the state level to take the money and corruption out of the political process.  I’ll confess I’m not a very politically involved person so this is a big leap for me.  I don’t follow candidates nor do I care to voice my opinion because it’s always frustrating but this felt like something I could get behind.


I’m sharing this with you for one specific reason: Leadership.  I had listened to their videos and attended a webinar hoping to find a local chapter to join but there wasn’t one.  I then waited hoping that eventually someone would take the leadership and get one started, which never happened.


Finally, I decided that if this were ever going to happen, I would have to be the one to get it started.  I had to step up and provide some leadership since it seemed to be absent up to this point.


And there you go.  Leadership is characterized by taking the initiative and being responsible for something even when no one tells you to.  It is easier to hang back and follow someone else’s lead but that isn’t always the right thing to do and it doesn’t inspire the next promotion.  The reason Leadership is such a promotable characteristic is because every employer needs it and wants it from their employees but rarely gets it.


To put this in perspective for you, the headquarters provided me with a list of 50 names of people who live in my area who had signed up for more information and to be involved with this group.  Out of 50 people, I was the only one that stepped up to “take the lead”.  That is really kind of a dismal ratio if you think about it but it doesn’t matter if the matter at hand is community, school or work; very few people take any leadership.  When someone does, it’s obvious and welcomed.


If you’re interested in getting a promotion or to get ahead, be a leader.  You’ll be shocked at how fast things will happen for you.

- Dorothy Tannahill-Moran


PS: If you’re curious about what I just spoke about, here is the notice.

Attention Kansas City KS & Overland Park people – Meeting

We are the local chapter of Represent.Us, a national, cross-partisan campaign to fix America’s corrupt political system. Together, we’ll stop lobbyists and special interests from bribing politicians who are supposed to represent us. America’s anti-corruption laws are dangerously out of date. Our broken system requires the people to buy access to their own government, a price which most of us simply cannot afford: Special Interest influence is the new face of corruption in the United States.

First meeting:
Dec. 8, 6pm,Johnson County Central Resource Library – 9875 W 87th St Overland Park, KS 66212, Study Room #1
Please RSVP by replying (I need to ensure the reserved space is large enough)
Please share

Just as a reminder about this group and what it’s trying to accomplish please view these two short videos.

How To Fix Politics In America

Think It’s Impossible to Fix Politics in America? This one State Just Did it.


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