How would you like it if your voice were broken?

How would you like it if your voice were broken - Introvert Whisperer

Having a “broken” voice is probably not something you’ve given much thought.  It’s understandable in light of health concerns like cancer and heart disease.  Those conditions are very common and you can barely pick up a newspaper without some reference to those very real health problems.


However, today is National Voice Day and with it comes the need to be aware of a little known or understood disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia.  It’s a big, strange word that describes a neurological disorder that causes the vocal cord to spasm when attempting to vocalize.  The sound you hear coming out of a person with this disorder can range from low volume, strangled sounding speech to breathy and quivering.  This is a fairly rare disorder so it’s probably not something you’ve heard of.  Unfortunately, the same is true of the medical community, which makes diagnosing it and treating it a challenge.


For people who acquire “SD”, it can be a life changer.  We often take for granted the voice we possessed from the time we were born.  It helps us take our place in the world.  It facilitates learning and becomes part of our identity.  Our voice is more than what we say; it is part of our body language and communicates our confidence, sadness or love to another.


Until it doesn’t.


Although having Spasmodic Dysphonia is not a life-threatening disease, for most of it, it is life altering.  It becomes a challenge for people to understand you, especially if you’re on the phone.  You can barely be heard in a noisy background.  It affects relationships and even can end a career.  To make matters worse, you get asked to repeat what you just struggled so hard to get out of you- way too frequently.  Sometimes, people make rude, insensitive comments because you sound strange.  It’s not fun.


If your voice isn’t “broken” be grateful for what you remain blessed with.


Now what?  We appreciate you taking the time to educate yourself today on National Voice Day and have to two requests: 1- pass this on to others in the vein of education and 2- Please consider donating to help support research for Spasmodic Dysphonia:


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