How Do You Live a Healthy, Positive Life?

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Apparently the story I shared last week about the woman in Croatia who has faced so much adversity and the life lessons struck a cord.  Among the emails I received was one from a man who works with grief and other challenges people have.  His point was that in order for this woman and her community to come to a healthy spot, they had to grieve their loss before they could constructively move forward.  A healthy, positive life could only happen for people who lived through great tragedy by processing the grief.


I thought he made some good points.   I wanted to share what I got out of his email and to add my thoughts in as well.


  • When you face loss, you grieve. You can’t and shouldn’t avoid it.  It’s as much a part of life as celebrations and happiness.  It’s important work to help you live a healthy and productive life.
  • In the US, we’re prone to doing things on our own but in other countries like Croatia, they help each other. The help includes processing grief, even if is in the form of simply sitting with each other and allowing the grief to “be”.  We could learn to seek and accept help, especially when our heart aches.  We could also offer it more than we tend to do.
  • We don’t have a history of ongoing tragedies caused by war, famine, and extreme government actions. People in other countries process their grief faster than we do – maybe because it’s built into who they are at this point.  While we do have events like mass murders, extreme earthquakes, and wide-spread weather crisis, we don’t move through our grief very quickly or effectively.  We react to these events perhaps more extremely because in general, our lives are good.  We react worse and longer along with thinking we should “just snap out of it”.  We aren’t too kind to ourselves.


Fortunately, we don’t have these tragic events happen to us very often.  In that regard, we should be thankful.  But, when they do: – grieve – ask for support to grieve – offer to help others, even if they don’t seek it – above all remember that you will get through it.


I guess this is another life lesson.  Have a good weekend.


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