Managing Change Will Make You a Highly Desirable Asset

Managing Change Will Make You a Highly Desirable Asset - Introvert Whisperer


The Leader that manages change and transition the best are paid the best.  The reason is because making a group of people is very difficult and has caused the best Leaders quit.  The deal is, they probably didn’t know there is a change management process that is well defined but not broadly known about.


As a person who has successfully managed numerous large-scale change, let me share with you a few insights to help you.


People are resistant to change.  Absolutely not true.  We make change from the day we’re born to the day we die.  We don’t just change as we age we change our life style, education level, jobs, relationship status and friends.  The list goes on.  Certainly, in the work place change is a way of life and people do have to deal with those demands.


If you can make a good logical argument, people will change.  Wrong.  If logic worked no one would smoke, do drugs or be in abusive relationships.  Unfortunately, the groups that try to curb those behaviors seem to think that works but logic is not what moves people to change anything. Emotion and purpose is what will move people to change.


If people in a group think a change will work, the change will go well.  There is more to making a change than the democracy of a good idea.


There are some things that should never change.  We might like to think that but nothing ever stays the same no matter how hard we try to keep it that way.


If people are unhappy or angry about a change, it means it’s a bad change.  No, not true.  All people going through change experience an emotional reaction called Transition.  Part of that emotional reaction is a mix of emotions ranging from anxiety, anger to excitement.  It can be a confusing way to feel but it’s very natural.  It’s important to help educate and manage transition just like any process or system change.


I’d like to share with you more vital Leadership insights and skills on how to plan both Change and Transition no matter what level you are – along with all the skills to make you an inspiring Leader.  The new, live interactive program is: “Lead Like You Mean It” Leadership Development Program

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