No motivation to change?

No motivation to change? - Introvert Whisperer

When it comes to our health and fitness or for that matter anything, making a change can be a challenge.  I’m here to give you a pearl of wisdom about getting up off the couch to get you moving.  The pearl of wisdom is this: You need one part commitment, one part plan and one part a system.  The three parts are equal to MOTIVATION.  We all want it.  Now you can have it whenever you want.  Here is how the three parts work:


Commitment –


First you need to check in with yourself and really work on what you are committed to.  I hear people talk at a high level about “taking care of their health” for the sake of their family.  Let me put it to you this way for a real eye opener:  if you knew that in 20 years you would be losing body parts, replacing body parts or suffering from disease, would you change your lifestyle to avoid it?  A bit more jolting isn’t it?  Sorry to be so blunt, but most people don’t just keel over and die, they die from a thousand small cuts (to coin a phrase).  You will pay the price sooner or later.  So, what are you really committed to? Do you want to remain vibrant and participate in life?  Do you want to look your best?  Do you want to avoid being a burden on others due to your health?


Have a plan –


You can’t just talk about doing something without taking it down to a plan of action and goals.  You want to be specific and have time boundaries.  If you want to weight X, when do you want to do that by?  If you want to be stronger and have more endurance for activities, then what are those activities and how will you know you have “arrived”?  If you currently have some health issues, check in with your doctor and identify some goals and actions to achieve them.  Also, when you have achieved those goals and plans, time for a new plan.   There is an adage: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


Have a system –


As a society, we are all cowboys.  We think we have to do everything on our own or we’re wimps.  I can tell you right now that only 20% of those Cowboys are capable of making any kind of change without help or support.  When I talk about a system, I’m talking about a system of support and accountability.  Most of us NEED to have a support system to help us with executing our plan.  You can hire a trainer or coach.  You can engage a series of friends or relatives or even those from the social networking sites.  You need people to brainstorm solutions to issues that arise.  You need people to hold you accountable to yourself and your action plan.  You need someone to celebrate your successes.  Your system needs to be defined in your plan to ensure the plan is given life.  Don’t be bashful about asking for help, we all love to think we can help each other.


Motivation is not a magical thing that happens to just the lucky few.  You can develop the motivation to do anything you chose.  Go ahead, try it and see how the world of opportunities opens up for you!


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