Do you have to be a “Natural Born” Leader to Lead?

Do you have to be a “Natural Born” Leader to Lead? - Introvert Whisperer

Do you have to be a “Natural Born” Leader to Lead?


The quick answer is: No.

The traits of a good leader are not a mystery nor do you have to come by those characteristics by virtue of a quirk of nature.

We only have to look at the military to realize that we can learn to be a leader.  The military understands how important leadership is at every level, especially during combat and emergencies.

You can’t hope someone steps up in those conditions.

I almost think when you consciously pursue development in leadership; you will be better at it because you appreciate all the ways it is needed at work and in life.

For those trying to get their arms around this, let me take only one of the traits and expand on it.


Initiative: Showing initiative is a very big characteristic of a leader.  A person with initiative doesn’t have to wait to be told what to do.  They see what needs to be done and pursues the task.


Think of this as with various leaders like the US president or even the president of a group you belong to.  Can you imagine those people waiting to be told what to do?  No, these people are the catalyst in the organizations they are responsible to.  They step up and see to it that certain things get accomplished even if they are not the one to do it.


Did those same leaders wait until they took those positions to exhibit that behavior?  No.  They showed initiative consistently to the point where over time, those efforts paid off with continual promotions and increases in responsibility.


Are you ready to take your Leadership skills to the next level?


This point is also the reason why leadership traits are the key strategy for getting ahead professionally.  Initiative in an employee is pure gold to a manager or business owner.  It’s one thing to have skills and it’s entirely another thing to use those skills with an initiative.  It is a desirable trait and also one that is fairly rare to see.


Yes, most people in most situations at work or in life do not show initiative.  Maybe they show enough initiative to “get by” but in general not much more than that.

The good news for you is that you can decide to develop your leadership skills and in doing so, you will be highly successful in whatever endeavor you pursue.  You can become one of the very few people who demonstrate leadership in your approach to work.  You can start showing initiative today.


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