Patience and the Learning Curve

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While we are constantly facing the challenge of change, often it means we have new things to learn. Ugh! That can be painful all by itself.


But, have you ever noticed that many times when you are learning that when the pain increases, the patience decreases?


Pearl of wisdom time:


First: You will feel uncomfortable during a learning curve. It’s part of the process called transition and it’s how we tick. Any new endeavor you plan to take on, however well intended, will have its moments of discomfort.


Second: A learning curve and many important things in your life and career require patience combined with tenacity. I think as a society we are losing our patience because of how fast things move due to the Internet. Yet, we’re human and our ability to learn and change moves differently. You have to stay patient with you and set your expectations realistically.


Practice patience my friend. You will appreciate you when you do.


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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is the Introvert Whisperer, Career & Leadership, speaker and author.
  • Shawn Dexter

    Great post, Dorothy! This topic doesn’t get the attention it deserves IMO.

    If you’re willing to endure the first few hours of the learning curve (as frustrating as it may be) — it’ll surprising at how fulfilling it can be.

    Far too many people stop too early. This is actually a huge advantage to people who don’t. With little effort you can know MUCH more than most.

    • Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

      Hi Shawn, thanks for your comments. I totally agree, too many people stop too early…learn patience!

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