Your Personal Brand: The Little Things Matter

Your Personal Brand The Little Things Matter - Introvert Whisperer

Your personal brand is the value and experience others have of you based on your consistent behavior.  That personal brand can be a favorable one or negative one, depending on what your behavior is.  Your personal brand shapes your success both professionally as well as personally so it’s important to give it some thought.


Your behavior includes even small things like whether or not you’re timely in returning texts, voicemails, and emails.  It can include whether or not you are usually late showing up to things and if you seem to perpetually have a whirling caldron of chaos surrounding you.  It’s not just about how well you execute things at a technical level or your sweet personality.


Your ability to adequately manage life’s daily “administrivia” is one of those things that if you do well, are kind of a neutral background thing.  No one notices it and your other assets shine through.  That’s how you want to be experienced.  However, when you habitually fail in those personal management tasks, it will overshadow all of the positive assets you possess.


It’s the little things that eat away at any trust people may have placed in you because you’ve demonstrated you can’t handle the little things; you probably can’t handle the big ones.  Even if you have an amazing personality and do things that people love, those same people will eventually give up on you if you are flaky.  It’s just not worth making the effort.


Can you imagine not being worth other people’s effort to maintain a relationship or to support?  Harsh but it happens every day.


So, if you know or suspect that you might have some of those behaviors, you have to change that today.  You won’t get traction anywhere in life or at work if you don’t.


The little things matter.



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