Problems? Challenges? Failures? We all face them!

Problems? Challenges? Failures? We all face them. - Introvert Whisperer

There will always be problems and challenges in everything we endeavor to do. The important thing is to grow and learn from those challenges rather than let the issues get you down or stop. I can just hear a few of you moan over this perspective that it’s not always that easy.

I never said it was easy to move forward from problems and challenges. It is, however, a choice on how you react to things and how you respond. Since your response to adversity is a choice, why not choose to grow, learn, move on and be optimistic about your path ahead?

Use the following checklist the next time something backfires in your face:
I choose the following (check all that apply):


___Figure out what to do differently the next time

___Give yourself a break

___Give others a break

___Have faith that the next time everything including you will be better

___Unless the boo-boo is somehow life threatening, acknowledge that there are bigger problems out there in the universe and this is minor in comparison

___If needed, eat a cookie, as they will always make you happy


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