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It’s no secret that women are still struggling for pay and position equity. You don’t have to dig too far to find a study vividly illustrating that point.

Although you read many things about asserting yourself and being willing to demand a higher wage, there is one big thing missing with a lot of advice to women.

Don’t act like a chick.

Huh? What is acting like a chick?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there is a category of women whose behavior does nothing to support any career goals. The Chick is a woman who has apparently learned behavior that worked on a segment of the population like the parents and BFF’s but is a total turn off in the work place. The Chick” has behavior that blatantly reminds the boss or upper management, that, yes, she is female and not in a good professional way.

The type of behavior that defines you as a Chick AND that you want to avoid at all costs:

  • Talk your feelings over – While you may be used to a lot of personal disclosure, keep a big chunk of it for your friends that don’t work with you. Especially, minimize your emotional conversations to the boss. Your good work will become overshadowed by what could look like an inability to hold it together.
  • Don’t get “squealy” – This is the vocalization equivalent to fingernails on a black board. If you are excited and tend to squeal, save it for a sporting event with friends.
  • Don’t call yourself a “girl” – There are people I know who use this third person term almost as an excuse. We know you’re woman, but now you’ve just told us you’re actually a girl. It’s not complimentary or cute.
  • Stop apologizing so much – One of the big differences between men and women is the nasty habit women have of apologizing way too much. It diminishes the meaning of a real apology so save the apologies for when you truly need to apologize. Excess apologies are a form of passive-aggressive behavior, which no one finds professional.
  • Stop using weak or tentative words – I read an article one time about women using the word “just” too much. That word makes whatever comes after it weak. There are other words like maybe, could or for what its worth and a host of others. If your communication is littered with these types of words, stop it and get more decisive.
  • Self-centered – Unfortunately, I think most people who are self-centered have no clue they are. Generally, people who are like this, think that whatever is taking place is aimed at them; good or bad. The world doesn’t operate like that. You’d be surprised at how very little other people think about you or anyone else with his or her actions. While being self-centered isn’t the sole domain of the “Chick”, when combined with several of the other behaviors, becomes the total package of a person who is too annoying to promote.

The most important thing a person can do is to be conscious about their own behavior, its impact on others and what’s appropriate for the setting or situation. This doesn’t mean you must turn into a people-pleaser. It means your goal is to understand what’s important and effective to another person in your professional work setting.

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