Put a Little Love In Your Heart for You

Put a Little Love In Your Heart for You - Introvert Whisperer

One of the 4 relationship building blocks I outline in the blog and programs is about giving support to the other person.  When we support someone, it is an act of love, especially if we do it without any expectation of receiving something in return.


Our ability to give and receive love starts with loving self – often a hard thing for some people to do or to admit to.  As we go through life, we get “scuffed up” by various situations, which can take a toll on our self-worth.  You have to love self so you can love others because if you don’t, you will always be looking for something from someone else.  It’s a thirst that is never really quenched.


And what if you don’t love and respect you?  Change your internal dialogue about you.  Sounds simple but it can be a habit for many.  Some people don’t even realize it but it’s part of their ongoing way of talking. The deal is, every time you say or think something negative about you, your brain believes it.  I have a friend who constantly says she’s stupid.  I know she’s not.  I finally pointed it out to her and she hadn’t even realized she was doing it.  She did admit that’s how she felt fairly often.  My point to her was that she had convinced herself she was stupid and how that translated into holding her back in so many ways.


The best analogy for this that I can think of is to think of yourself as a glass of water.  The water is the love you give and receive.  The glass is your capacity to love and if you keep your glass small because you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to contain much love.  Love is a truly powerful and uplifting feeling. So, isn’t it worth it to increase the size of your glass?  It allows you to give and receive more love.


So, as we go speeding into this weekend, be aware of your internal dialogue to you about you.  Do you have some changes to make? -So you can increase your capacity to love?  This may be a challenge but it will totally be worth it.


Love yourself.

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