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I would like to introduce you to “QPU” – Quiet Power University. QPU is a series of programs for building skills needed for career success. I personally developed each program in response to the challenges I often saw standing between my clients and their goals. Seeing the repeated, and rapid, success my clients were able to enjoy, inspired me to make this information available to more people. If you have any questions regarding any of the programs I am always available to assist you. You can either email me at or you can go to the “About” tab on our menu bar to contact us. Thank you for spending your valuable time with me as you pursue accelerating your career! -Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

What's Covered In QPU?

You have your choice of access to all 5 of the programs, or any program on a stand-alone basis.  

The programs are:

1. Career Acceleration Mapping: Planning Your Career on Purpose *

2. Strategic Relationships and Office Politics

3. Easier Networking*

4. Self-Promotion

5. Personal Branding*

*Based on my book by the same name.

More details for each program below.

What Exactly Do I Get Access To?

You get access to my private membership site, giving you 24×7 access for your convenience.

On the site you will find:


-PDF download of video information

-Exercises to help you build the skills in a practical way (the same exercises I take my clients through)

-Private Facebook group

Who Is QPU For?

This is for anyone who wants:

-a promotion, and may have been passed over

-a bigger paycheck

-to get into the management track

-greater traction and career growth

-improve working relationships & environment

In other words, if you have unmet career goals but may not know the path or the barriers, QPU can help you get to your goals. These are skills you didn’t learn in school (and your mother never taught you either)

In Addition You Also Get

-Monthly, private “laser” (15-20 minute) coaching with me

-Monthly Q&A/group meeting where I either cover your questions
or a topic of value only to this exclusive group

I have to say, QPU is a tremendous value.  

You get a lot for a modest cost.

For those programs related to a published book, you also receive an electronic copy of the book for further reference.

What's the Risk?


You get immediate access upon purchase.
You also have a 14-day money back guarantee.
That means you have 2 weeks to review the programs
and if you aren’t happy as a clam,
you can ask for your money back.  No hassles.

My mission is to do everything I can to help you
love the work you do.
A big part of loving your work is to be successful doing it
and these skills will help you do just that.

You will not find this type of
career development information in any form.
It’s unique, targeted and best of all – works!

Career Mapping & Acceleration

Individual Program
Purchase Career Mapping & Acceleration

Personal Branding

Individual Program
  • Quick overview: 

  • Wonder why your career isn’t going anywhere? It could be that your personal brand is out of alignment with your goals. Do you know what kind of persona you project? If it’s inconsistent, you won’t get traction in your career. 

  • Program outline:

  • What personal branding really is — and how it’s critical to your career goals

  • The 6 facets of personal branding you must take into account for an effective personal brand

  • How to determine your personal brand so it really reflects what you want it to

  • How to communicate your personal brand, from in-person to social media

  • How to change your personal brand when your career goals change

  • Click here to purchase all 5 QPU programs for 12 Months.

  • Click here to purchase all 5 QPU for a Lifetime.

  • Click to purchase Personal Branding ebook on Amazon

Purchase Personal Branding

Easier Networking Program

Individual Program
Purchase Individual Program

Self-Promotion Program

Individual Program
  • new_selfpromotion_imageQuick overview:

  • Do you think the only way to self-promote is by becoming those obnoxious people you’d rather avoid? The best self-promotion is subtle, just like us Introverts, but if you aren’t doing it, no one is going to do it for you.

  • Program outline:

  • What Self-Promotion really is — and why you need to be doing it

  • How to know the difference between obnoxious bragging and authentic self-promotion so you can achieve the outcome you want

  • The 3 goals you are trying to achieve with self-promotion

  • The 10 self-talk attitude “adjusters” that will help reprogram your brain

  • The 12 top proven self-promotion methods

  • Click here to purchase all 5 QPU programs for 12 Months.

  • Click here to purchase all 5 QPU programs for a Lifetime.

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Strategic Relationships & Office Politics Program

Individual Program
  • new_officepolitics_imageQuick overview: 

  • Do you know how influence, power and office politics intersect? The answer is strategic relationships, which represent 80% of what will determine your professional success.

  • Program outline:

  • What strategic relationships are —and why they’re so important for your career

  • How to wage positive office politics

  • How to create influence with others, including executives.

  • The 4 types of power a person can have, which 2 are in your control and how you get power.

  • Click here to purchase all 5 QPU programs for 12 Months.

  • Click here to purchase all 5 QPU programs for a Lifetime.

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