Do You Recognize Your Greatness?

Do You Recognize Your Greatness? - Introvert Whisperer

Do You Recognize Your Greatness?

It’s about recognizing what makes you unique and that people will value.  The analogy I use is that we are all like snowflakes.  Each one of us is unique.  The challenge is recognizing what that is.


We get caught up in the thought that there are thousands of people out there that do the same thing we do or do it better and with more visibility.  If that’s how you look at yourself, then you’d be right.  That’s not unique and it’s also not how you should look at you.  This is not about comparing you to someone else.  This is about recognizing your own attributes you want to share with others.


You have to “get it” about you first before anyone else can.


No one on earth has the same, exact skills, experience, education and personality as you.  That is the recipe for uniqueness.  No one has the same focus or gets excited about the same things as you and it is in this mix of goodies you need to look for your professional value proposition.


I can just feel the uneasiness this is generating for you.  It is hard to really step outside of us and look back to answer the question: What is unique about you, that others will value?  We’re taught to be modest so we’re working against years of ingrained behavior.  We don’t spend that much time in self-exploration.  Despite the lack of using this set of brain muscles, you can do it.


Now, the next good question is: Why?  Why do you need to answer that question?


Because once you are clear on you, your path to success is much straighter.  With your growing success, comes greater happiness and fulfillment.


And that is why I’m here.


Set aside time this weekend to think about you.  How do you answer: What is unique about me, that others will value?

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