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When you say “Office Politics” it usually conjures up thoughts of backstabbing and underhanded actions.  However, like many things, we tend to only understand one aspect to it and POOF – it becomes a universal belief.  It’s like thinking that some people are resistant to change – a very common urban myth. (It turns out we change constantly from the day we’re born, but people don’t make changes without a compelling reason.  I save that for another time.)

The point I am trying to make is that Office Politics goes on around us all the time in all settings.  Anytime you have more than 2 people together, you have “politics”.  We notice the Office Politics that is the negative type but either fail to notice the positive or we put other names on it.

I’m here to set you straight about Office Politics because negative or positive, if you fail to work within it, you put your career at risk.  

You won’t like the results.

Office politics is about how decisions are made within a group.  The person that has done the best job of understanding, responding and supporting the decision maker, will have decisions made that will favor them.  It’s that simple.

Decisions come from the emotional part of the brain, which means it may not always be logical but it will emotionally resonate for the decision makers.  People looking into this situation may think the favored person is a suck-up, no talent person.  And, they may be.  The deal is, they have taken the time to understand what the decision maker wants and needs and does everything they could do to support it.

Think of it for a second.  Who wouldn’t want someone to support them?  No one, even you.  At the end of the day, do you want a highly talented, unsupportive person to promote or a less talented, very supportive person promoted?  Easy choice.

There is no upside in ignoring Office Politics but if you feel unclear about it all, join me on January 6 at 1pm CST for a webinar on this topic: How to Use Office Politics and Influence to Advance Your Career without Playing Dirty!


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