Rethink Relationships

Rethink Relationships - Introvert Whisperer

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been what I would call a “high social need” person.  I suppose some of that comes from the Introvert part of my personality.  It doesn’t mean I don’t need social contact; it’s just not the first thing that drives me throughout the day – or life.


Despite that, one of the things I did learn along my path is just how vital relationships are to your success professionally and personally.  While we can be highly skilled and knowledgeable, it’s our relationships that glue it all together.


Statistically, most jobs are found with or through another person.  We learn our job by being trained and coached by other people.  We perform our job synchronized with others doing their work.  We get assignments, projects, and promotions because someone knows our talent.  We get a ride to the store when our car breaks down from someone you have a relationship with.


We need other people.


I used to think of the word “relationship” as having a deep, emotional meaning but I’ve adjusted that thinking.  We are in a relationship with everything and everybody we come in contact with.  The relationship may not be very developed or even positive but its still a relationship.


We can’t function very well without other people and they can’t function without us.  While relationships aren’t quite up there with the air we breathe, it’s high on the list of things we need to function well.  That fact alone makes it important to be more mindful of developing good, positive and productive relationships as you go through this life.


Once I figured out how important relationships were, I changed my ways of being in this world.  Almost daily, I see the connection and importance of relationships played out in infinite ways.  It’s a gift and it makes all the things I do and you do, better and easier.


My suggestion if you haven’t yet discovered how truly important positive relationships are –you need to.  You’ll be amazed at how it changes your life.

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