Self-Promotion: Is It As Scary As You Think?

Self-Promotion: Is It As Scary As You Think? - Introvert Whisperer

Self-Promotion – Personal Marketing – Working To Get Ahead:  Whatever it’s called:  What are you doing to let people know your value?

Two of the biggest issues I see with Self-Promotion (or whatever term you’d prefer to use) are: 1- not doing it 2- attitudes about Self-Promotion.

I’d like to persuade you to eliminate both issues from your reality.  Let’s take these in reverse order.

Attitudes and Reasons to Abolish Them

“My work speaks for itself”.  No, it doesn’t. You may do amazing work but how is anyone going to know unless you do something to deliberately draw attention to it?  Anyone in the public has had to do Self-Promotion from rock stars to authors.

“It’s my bosses job to know my contributions”.  Again, no they are here to evaluate your work and set direction.  Your job is to help them do both things.  Managers are notorious for not digging and if that’s the case, there will be a huge number of things they won’t learn.  Not good.

“It’s bragging”.  Not if you learn the difference between bragging and self-promotion.  They are not the same.

“It’s prideful”.  Pride is not bad until there is too much of it.  We are all proud of our work and we all need recognition for it.  Hiding it will only make you lonely and ignored.

Not doing it

Don’t really think about it.  I’ll score you one on this.  Sometimes, we don’t think about Self-promoting but now that you’re reading this, you can’t ignore it anymore.

I don’t know what I’d say.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  How about a project or performance update to those that really need to know?

I can’t get a word in during meetings. I understand.  If you’re the quiet type like me, it’s tough but there are other ways to communicate your worth.  How about office drop ins? Hallway chats?

You’re nervous at the thought.  OK, here’s the deal.  You must bring some skills to your job, right?  How will anyone know how you can help if you don’t fully educate them?  How will you get your next job?  Yes, this is a Self-promotion approach but it’s also helping others. Never thought of that did you?

When was the last time someone spoke to you about Self-Promotion?  I’m pretty sure no one, has because no one ever has with me either.  It’s a skill you can learn and I not only learned it well but I teach it to others.  If you’d like to learn more about it:

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