Self-Talk: A Powerful Tool To Change Your Outlook Towards Self

Self-Talk: A Powerful Tool To Change Your Outlook Towards Self - Introvert Whisperer

A conversation with self is an inherent part of humans. Some do it more often, while others do it seldom. It is one of the ways of connecting our conscious mind with the subconscious one.

We talk either loudly or silently in our minds. Sometimes, we do it consciously. For instance: when we talk to ourselves while asking which dress should I buy or what should I eat for the lunch today. Whereas, other times, it happens naturally like when you are alone deep in thoughts.

Every time these thoughts are for different reason and different purpose. But most of the times, these conversations help us in developing perceptions, finding solutions, feeling better, and improving ourselves.

Till date, several researches have been done on this human behavior, and it has been named as SELF-TALK.


Meaning Of Self-Talk


Besides, it has been proven that almost all people do self-talking and it is completely normal. Psychologist and researcher Gary Lupyan once said, “I’ll often mutter to myself when searching for something in the refrigerator or the supermarket shelves.”


However, what is more important is how we talk to ourselves. Talking positive or negative to ourselves, both, have a significant impact on us.


While talking positive boosts our confidence, motivates us, and improves our mental & physical health, negative self-talking have daunting effects on us.


Effects of Negative Self-Talk


Talking negatively to oneself will have a lot of ill effects, such as:


  • We’ll become less confident.
  • It will lower our self-esteem.
  • It develops anger.
  • It demotivates us.
  • It increases the level of stress and anxiety.
  • It affects our mental and physical health.


In worst cases, negative self-talk could lead to depression.


Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, associate professor at the University of Thessaly in Trikala, Greece once said: “What happens with self­-talk is you stimulate your action, direct your action and evaluate your action.”


Check out the table below, an extract from one of the articles of Mayo Clinic, who found that positive self-talking have many health benefits whereas, negative self-talking is strenuous and harmful for our health.

The table shows that the difference between negative & positive thinking is of perception. How we perceive things is all that matters.


How To Get Rid Of Negative Self-Talking?

The best way to get out of negative self-talking is thinking positive.


Whenever you feel sad or low, encourage yourself. This is the only best way to get rid of your negativities.


Here’s an incidence from my life that taught me that changing the way you talk to yourself can make a significant difference in your life.


When I came into writing, I wasn’t doing great. I made a steady progress and sometimes found myself stuck. I thrashed myself for doing things wrong and criticized myself for progressing at a snail’s speed. 

Consequently, I felt paralyzed and my performance degraded even more.  I realized that this, in fact, has increased the negativity manifolds.

But I didn’t want to give up. I wanted to learn.

I knew I am the master of these negative thoughts and I can build a complete hold on them.

So, each time a negative thought passed by, I wrote one positive line about myself in my diary.

Doing this repeatedly made me feel more motivated, optimistic, and confident.

Of course, it helped me in improving my skills as a writer, but it also changed the way I thought about myself and the way I treat myself.


Remember: “You Become What You Think.”


Thereby, make efforts to get past your negative thoughts. You’ll have to fight with your inner demons to become a person you always wanted to be.

However, getting rid of your negative thoughts will take time and it can be overwhelming…

To it make it more actionable for you, here, I have mentioned a simple exercise that will help you kickstart your journey to becoming a more positive person.


Have a look.


Say these lines to yourself before beginning and ending your day.

“I know I have been working as a writer (or anything that fits for you) for a pretty long time. I have made some mistakes, but I also learned something new. Though I am a little slow, I am trying improving it every day. There are people better than me, but I am unique in my own way. I will keep my hopes high and work towards improving my skills.”


To make it more effective say this while standing in front of the mirror. This way you’ll come face to face with yourself. Say them confidently with a smile, while looking in your eyes.

It is a simple yet efficient technique to re-igniting the positivity in you.

However, along with saying them to yourself, implement them in your daily life. Feel it and see the difference.

Now before I sum up, a last reminder: a self-talk is a powerful tool. Use it to strengthen your spirit. To uplift yourself. And to bring the best in you. Make it a medium for bringing out your hidden inhibitions. So that you can tackle them, realize them, and improve yourself.


Good Luck!


P.S. I would like to know how you felt after doing the exercise mentioned above. So, share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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