Soft Skills Every Introvert Needs to Master

Soft Skills Every Introvert Needs to Master - Introvert Whisperer

We as introvert often consider the fact that maybe it is too late for us to make a change in ourselves. Instead of harboring such unproductive thoughts, we need a positive frame of mind about practicing and perfecting new soft skills.


So what are these soft skills introverts need to master?


Develop Organized Thought Process

Communication can sometimes become repetitive and redundant. You have to find ways to make it fun and lively. You must be cognizant of the words you want to use to express your thoughts. There is no harm in taking half a second more to process your feelings. Since introverts, we need to make sure that we can communicate what we want to say explicitly. The momentary silence is often helpful in letting you focus on the conversation instead of slipping away words that you may not have wanted to say.


Stop Complaining and Start Smiling 

If you have ever read the book, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living?” by Dale Carnegie, you must have read the chapter focusing on “not to cry over spilled milk.” This particular chapter discusses the story of a professor who teaches people how to stop worrying. Every time the professor walks into the class, he has a glass of milk on the table. He picks up that glass and drops it onto the floor. Everyone in the classroom becomes uneasy at what the professor just did. Later, the professor explains to the students, no matter how much he may whine, complain, or regret, that would not bring back the milk. Therefore, always smile to radiate positivity that can help everyone stay positive and focused.


Learn to Forgive Yourself 

We often face stressful situations in life where we are unable to make a decision. However, we may not always make smart choices. Sometimes, we tend to make decisions that do not go the way we would have liked. It is OK not to make all the decisions perfect in life. We must give room to ourselves to accept our mistakes and grow out of them. There is no point living in the shadows of past regrets. Unless we can break the shackles of the memories of our bad decisions, we will keep on struggling to find a way forward. Learn to forgive yourself and move forward with all your heart, passion and tenacity to surmount challenges in life.


Practice Starting Conversations by Asking Questions 

Sometimes, we introverts are too shy to break the ice and start a conversation. Some individuals may not agree. But many believe that it is difficult to start a new discussion, particularly with a stranger or person who we do not know that well. One way of doing that is by asking questions and getting inquisitive about other people’s lives. When you take an interest in other person’s life, they would be more than happy to share their stories. They would be able to share their observations and would be glad to enjoy your company.


You would often read the usual career related soft skills that people often ask us to master. But as an introvert person, most of us have these non-existent fears or limitations that if we can overcome, can help us grow as individuals.


Author Bio:

John Elijah loves to write about career development and self-improvement. As an introvert, he has a keen interest in writing on developing soft skills to climb the corporate ladder and achieve great success.

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