How to stay productive when working alone

how to stay productive when you are tired? - Introvert whisperer

If you’re accustomed to working by yourself, without the encouragement and sociability of a group set-up, you’ll know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to keep working when you’re already exhausted. If introverted people are generally good at organizing ourselves and getting stuff done without needing external approval, it’s only natural that there is the occasional nightmare day when there are not enough hours – or coffee! – to get everything done.


On days like these, it is important to rely not just on yourself but on a set of proven tips for getting that little bit more productivity going. For example, have you tried working whilst standing up? It may sound strange, but this can actually make you more productive when you’re tired, by putting you in a better mood and combating stress and fatigue. If you don’t have a standing workstation, you can always improvise with a shelf, a windowsill, or a pile of books – it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it works!


Another benefit to working alone is that you get to choose the soundtrack. Ambient noise – as long as it’s not too loud – has been shown to boost your creative cognition levels, while listening to music causes dopamine to be released in the brain. Combine added creativity with increased feelings of happiness, and you have a pretty productive cocktail: listening to unfamiliar music might be the best way to achieve this combo.


This new infographic gathers 11 such tips on how to stay productive when you’re already exhausted. Working from home means you have the freedom to get a little bit creative with the way you use them. Take it easy, create a positive environment that suits your mind, body, and soul, but don’t relax too much – there’s work to be done!



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