Stay Uncomfortable – It Helps You Make Change

Stay Uncomfortable – It Helps You Make Change - Introvert Whisperer

Have you ever noticed how you and other people are with change?  We can all tolerate some change in our life because change is the one constant.  BUT, we yearn for things to return back to how they were.  We like the comfort of things being the same.  It allows us to “auto-pilot” and save our energy for the things that require our attention.  That’s why it’s possible to drive to work and have very little memory of doing it.


I tend to look at our innate or natural reactions to what life presents us as good, so long as those reactions are in balance or don’t interfere with being at our fullest.  Being in autopilot has its good side.  It is comforting to not have to be so conscious of every little thing you do each day.  Not everything you do has equal value in your use of your energy and focus.


Your autopilot is out of balance when you are unaware that you’re not making changes that are in your best interest.  You stick to your comfort zone and rationalize reasons for not doing things that in the long run, would benefit you greatly.


Years ago, I had a conversation with a boss of mine about the new role he had taken.  He shared with me a bit of wisdom on the subject of change that I use and think of to this day.  He said: “You should never allow yourself to get completely comfortable, especially with your career.  When you get comfortable you can always rationalize reasons for staying where you are.  When you stay slightly uncomfortable and focus on your own horizon, your reluctance to change goes away. You’re more willing to make the changes you need to make to attain your goals.”  Very wise words.


I spend each day attempting to keep you balanced and aware of your career.  To provoke you to take the time to think about your goals and what you need to do to achieve them.


Stay uncomfortable my friend.




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