Stay Visible and Show Value as a Telecommuter


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Brie Reynolds


Director of Online Content from Flex Jobs, Brie Reynolds, for an all-new and unique webinar that explores what it takes to be successful as a Telecommuter.


For many people, the flexibility of a telecommuting job and working from home is a dream come true. It absolutely supports a lifestyle improvement but can also prove to be exceptionally productive for work

However, there are challenges to all of this alternate work structure due to less personal contact with the boss and peers. It can hamper relationship development and also mean that you might not be “top-of-mind” with the management. You have to be visible in order to get promotions and great work assignments.

How do you keep your career on track? How do you stay in the loop and receive the recognition you deserve when no one sees you?

If you are in a telecommuting position or considering moving in that direction, you will want to hear what Brie has to share.

Join us in an all-new webinar: “Stay Visible & Show Value as a Telecommuter”

This WEDNESDAY (12/9) at 1:00 pm central standard time


In fact, here’s just a sample of what we cover on this breakthrough, action-oriented webinar:

  • What leads managers and coworkers to forget their telecommuting colleagues
  • How to stay visible as a telecommuter
  • The basics of proactive communication
  • How to showcase your accomplishments and manage your career
  • ..And much more

Reserve your spot now!

This WEDNESDAY -December 9 at 1:00 pm central standard time

Can’t make it live? No worries, we’ll send you the replay but you have to sign up to get it!

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